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Teen Wolf + describing me.

Calum Hood + 5 Seconds of Summer Billboard Photoshoot.

I wanted something more.

I wanted this right here.


Get to know me meme[2/5] Current Celeb Crushes → Theo James

“Yippee Ki Yay Mother Buttcheeks.”


I wish I could move, but I just stare at her and wonder how long I have been this disgustingly selfish. I stare at Al’s watch. Four minutes have passed. He elbows me hard in the shoulder."Come on," I say. My voice is a whisper. I clear my throat. "One minute left," I say louder this time. Christina’s other hand finds the railing again. Her arms shake so hard I wonder if the earth is quaking beneath me, jiggling my vision, and I just didn’t notice. "Come on, Christina," Al and I say, and as our voices join, I believe I might be strong enough to help her. I will help her. If she slips again, I will.